Sunday, March 13, 2011

Which temple do draw next?

The next temple to draw on my quest to draw all the temples will be the Rexburg temple.  My reason for choosing the Rexburg temple next begins over a year ago.  It was Christmas Eve 2009, at Edwards Theatre in Idaho Falls.  I was eating some popcorn when all of the sudden a chunk of my tooth broke off.  I didn't have any dental insurance so I just ignored it.  As time went on, the pain got worse and worse.  I was finally scheduled to have insurance on March 1st.  All was well until the last week in February.  The pain became so intense that I could not focus on anything, couldn't sleep, and couldn't wait any longer for insurance so my wife scheduled an emergency visit with the dentist.  When the dentist finished giving me a root canal, he was so kind to offer lowering the cost because of my lack of insurance.  I asked him if he would accept a drawing or painting of his choice as a trade for fixing my tooth.  He gladly accepted after seen some examples of my work.  He asked for a drawing of the Rexburg Temple and a landscape oil painting for his dental office to hang in the lobby.  I will be starting the drawing tomorrow, Monday March 14th.  Follow me on my facebook page and watch the progress.

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