Friday, April 8, 2011

Idaho Paints Idaho Competition

I am using this photo as a reference for my next project.  I am entering an art competition called, "Idaho Paints Idaho"  The "Best of Show" award recipient receives $1,000 but that is not my main motivation for winning.  The judge for the art competition is Scott Christensen.  If you read my bio on my website, you will read that Scott Christensen is one of the three artists that I idolize.  To personally receive an award from Scott Christensen would be like Kung Fu Panda meeting the Furious Five.  My goal is to paint something some amazing that people will go blind because of its pure awesomeness.
The title of the painting will be "The Valley"  I title it that because the residents of Teton Valley have so much pride in where they live that it is not just any valley, they call it "The Valley."  The reason for my choice in subject matter is because I have spent much time in Teton Valley and have grown to love it's beauty.  My grandparents live in the Teton Valley and so I have many childhood memories there.
I will first paint a small study, probably an 8x20" to get my drawing, values, and colors right.  Once I finish that I will then use that study as a reference for a much larger painting, probably 4 feet wide painting.  Continue following me on my blog to see the progress of this painting.

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