Saturday, November 19, 2011

Next Step: Shading

Once I had the outline drawn onto my board, the next step was to shade it in which is not much more than coloring in a coloring book.  The only difficult thing is to make sure I shaded in the correct value (range of lightness to darkness)  In order for it to look real it it critical to shade with the correct value.  It took me another 2 months to finish the shading for this drawing.  Later that night after I finished the shading of the temple, I noticed the date, it was October 24th.  I then realized that it took me exactly 4 months to draw the temple.  I found that ironic since it took the pioneers 40 years to build the temple.  After spending 4 months drawing the temple I have such a great respect for the craftsmen that spent 40 years building this magnificent structure.  I hope this drawing is an appropriate tribute the pioneers' work and sacrifice.

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